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Jagwire String Co.

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Shipping Policy updated 1-19-2019
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Home of the finest Pedal Steel Strings
Jagwire Strings has the widest selection of Pedal Steel Strings on the market.   If you can't find your gauges, call us and we can make you custom sets.
Please, call us if you have any questions.

Jagwire String Company specializes in Steel Guitar Strings.
Unlike most instruments, a Steel Guitar places a great deal of stress on it's strings on a constant basis, stretching strings with each push of a pedal or knee lever, and our strings are custom designed to stand up to the immense demands of this unique instrument.
We believe these are the finest strings available for the Steel Guitar, and we hope you enjoy them.
*A Special Note for International Orders*
Please check our shipping page for changes in the
shipping Policy at Jagwire. 


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