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Junior Knight, Bb6th, Nickel
.013, .016, .020, .024, .030,
.034, .038, .042, .054, .070
Junior has been playing guitar since he was 12 yrs old.
He started playing steel at the age of 17.
He's backed up most of the major stars in the past 40 yrs.
Career highlights are: Played guitar for Ray Price in 1967 for
a year and a half. Worked for Wynn Stewart for 2 yrs playing
bass then did club work and session work in Dallas for over 25 yrs.
Worked at Dewey Groom's Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas for 11 yrs.
In 1996 worked for LeAnn Rimes for 3 yrs.
Came back to Dallas at the end of the 1999 season and
did club work for over 3 yrs.
Jagwire Strings is proud to welcome Junior Knight
to our family of Professional Artist.
Item #JKBb-70N

Price: $16.50