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Randy Beavers, C6th, Stainless
.016, .015, .017, .020, .026, .030, .036, .046, .058, .079
Randy has traveled and recorded with artists like Roy Clark, Diana Trask, Lynn Anderson, Clay Walker, Larry Boone, Leon Russell, J.J. Cale, and many others.  But rather than live a life on the road, he decided to stay at home and be a family man, even though he'd had many offers from the biggest stars in the business.  Randy had developed a style that is unique to him that has caught the attention and respect of the top pros in the industry.  You can hear him today on his own CDs that he produces, and at many of the steel shows around the country.
"With the first package of Jagwire Strings I tried, I realized there really was a difference between brands of strings.  The Jagwire's intonation was accurate over the enter fretboard, a problem I've been fighting with for several years.  The strings have long life with pedal action that remains short and easy.  From the picture you can see I have my favorite fishing poles, lures, golf clubs, golf balls, cigars, and even remote.  Jagwire Strings have also become some of "My Favorite Things."  Randy
Item #RBC6-79S

Price: $17.00