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Norman Hamlett, C6th, Stainless
.012, .014,  .017,  .020,  .024,   
G       E       C        A       G   
 .032,  .036,  .042,  .054,  .068      
   E         C       A       F        C       

Norman Hamlet
Norman recorded with Capital Records Artists starting with
the Farmer Boys, Rose Maddox and etc. in the late 50's.
Norm also taught Barbara Mandrell to play pedal steel when
she was nine years old.  He started playing the Bakersfield
clubs in 1964 and worked with Merle Haggard who asked if
he would work in his band when he got a record deal.  Norm
started working with Merle Haggard as his band leader in
1967 and is still performing in the band.  Along the way the
band, The Strangers, won band of the year 9 times from the
Academy of Country Music and numerous B.M.I. Awards for
playing on number 1 hits.  The Strangers also released 5
instrumental albums on Capital Records.
Item #NHC6-68S

Price: $16.50